AZeotropy 2015
Chemical Engineering Symposium
IIT Bombay

AZeotropy is the Annual Chemical Engineering Symposium organised by Chemical Engineering Association of IIT Bombay. It is a non-profit organisation and aims at emphasizing the spirit of engineering, experimenting with ideas and learning from them. It incorporates a stimulating blend of competitions, lectures series, hands on sessions of simulation softwares with participation from 300+ colleges, 10 corporate houses with 50+ industrialists of the field.


Present your research in front of world's best researchers and professors.
Gear up and testify your Chemical Engineering spirit if you can conquer Chem-E-Car then you are well on track!
Find innovative ways to measure time and create a model to control a reaction without electricity.
A quiz can also be a fun!
Put your technical as well as general knowledge about Chemical Engineering to a test conducted across India.
AZeotropy's online Cryptic Hunt: It's not elementary
my dear Watt-son!

We don't want another Bhopal Gas Tragedy, do we? Get your team together and investigate a disaster scene.
Provide an answer to the problems faced by companies in the industry. Discuss with your teammates and present a detailed solution.
An Online Chemical Engineering Quiz. Participate and win your way to a visit to an Industrial Plant.
A Simulation Competition in Computational Fluid Dynamics using COMSOL.
Our brand new competition for your brand new theme: Chemical Engineering in Healthcare!

Create your Chemical Engineering world by applying your ideas to software-created virtuality
Witness the Interactive Sessions by some of the prominent personalities of our country!
Grasp the opportunity to assimilate the thoughts by some of our very own alumni!

Walk through the On-the-spot games and competitions to learn and win exciting prizes.
Argue, Discuss and Conclude on an issue which can have a great impact on society.
Walk through the On-the-spot games and competitions to learn and win exciting prizes!
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