Energy management plays an integral part in any functional society. As the cost of energy plays a significant factor in the performance of economy of societies, management of various energy resources has become crucial. Also, the dependence on non-conventional energy resources far exceeds that on conventional ones. Often, it is possible to save expenditure on energy resources and reduce the burden on the non convetional forms without incorporating fresh technology by simple management techniques. Explore your thoughts and optimization skills in the Theme Competition of AZeotropy 2017.

Prize Money: 10,000

Nikhil Miskin



This competition aims at providing Chemical Engineering students an opportunity to virtually model a system which would hypothetically require no external energy to run the system. This competition tests student's creativity and ability to optimize energy consumption of a system. Once the system is supplied with energy, it should optimize its use by reusing the energy released by converting it into a suitable form.

Registrations and abstracts will be accepted till 5th February 2017, 11:59 PM
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