In an accident prone world, Chemical accidents are the most devastating in nature. The ability to control a Chemical reaction is a necessity for every Chemical Engineer. Also, new and alternate forms of fuels are necessary to cope up with the increasing demand for energy resources. AZeotropy 2017 presents Chem-E-Car. Grab this opportunity to demonstrate your ability to control a chemical reaction, which supplies the necessary fuel and use it to propel a car that stops after travelling a specified distance.

Prize Money: 25,000

Nikhil Miskin


This competition aims at providing students with the opportunity in a team oriented hands-on design and construction of a small chemically powered car. It tests the ability of the participants to safely control a chemical reaction by initiating the car and allowing it to traverse a fixed distance carrying a certain load with minimum deviation from the straight line path.

Registrations and abstracts will be accepted till 5th February 2017, 11:59 PM
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