Engineers are always head on heels when it comes to dealing with mechanism and algorithms for controlling the output of a specific process. Switches play a vital role in controlling the motions of machines thus assisting in carrying out the process safely. Give the ideas buzzing in your mind a direction and gear up to design an ingenious model through AZeotropy 2017 Chem-E-Switch competition. Intrigue the budding engineer inside you with this challenging model making competition.

Prize Money: 25,000

Surbhi Sahu


Design a model that has a chemical/mechanical device that measures time and has a switch or trigger attached to it which starts a reaction after a preset time. Exploit the reaction to break an electrical circuit attached to the remaining model as close as possible to a given time duration. Judging would be done on how accurately your model do the specified task at a given time.

Registrations and abstracts will be accepted till 5th February 2017, 11:59 PM
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