AZeotropy is pleased to present yet another edition of its online crypt hunt, Cipher. For all those people who are too bored, this is just the perfect tonic to get rid of your boredom. Solve a mix of intriguing puzzles and riddles, ace the leaderboard, and win big!

Prizes Worth: 10,000

Kaushik Nagaraj


Are you one of those freaks who go crazy about riddles and cryptics, just for the manner in which they tease your brain, and yet are so subtle in a way that you never imagined? Or are you just too bored out of your mind that you crave for an escape from all the dullness surrounding you? Either way, this is the perfect thing for you. Sit back, relax, and revel in the barrage of intriguing clues coming your way. Stay tuned for further updates!
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