1.  How to avail hospitality?
  • Visit our website azeotropy.com
  • Register to get your AZeo ID
  • Complete the payment procedure online here
  • Confirmation will be sent to you on your registered email ID for AZeo ID
  • 2.  What would be the payment procedure for hospitality and workshops?
    Go to hospitality page on our website and follow the payment procedure required. The payment has to be made online only.
    3.  Do I need to pay any charge for competitions/lectures/panel discussions/ exhibitions?
    No charge in participating any of the above events or competitions.
    4.  What are the documents I need to bring?
  • College ID Card
  • Gate pass (email)
  • Valid official ID proof provided by Government of India
  • Printout of email confirmation for hospitality registration
  • Competition model if you are participating in any competition
  • Competition Abstract (Competition participants)
  • 5.  At what time can I get entry into the IITB campus?
    Students who have been provided accommodation within campus can enter IIT Main Gate anytime by showing valid photo ID proof and gate pass. However, students who have been provided accommodation outside of campus should leave the campus by 10 PM.
    6.  What facilities would be included with our accommodation?
    AC rooms sharing with other students for boys
    Hospitality kit including
  • Soap
  • Bucket
  • Shampoo
  • Schedule booklet
  • 7.  What are the places where I can get food in IITB campus?
    Food stalls will be there on event days, apart from that there is a canteen in Chemical Engineering Department and all hostels have their canteen from where you can purchase food.
    8.  Does the campus have any ATM? If yes, where is it?
    Campus has four ATMs
    1. Outside the Main gate
    2. Near Hostel 5
    3. Near Gulmohar (in front of H10)
    4. Opposite Hostel 7
    9.  What about internal transport in the campus?
    Auto. (charges according to meter)
    10.  How to reach IIT Bombay from airport/railway/bus station?
    Detailed instructions for that can be found here
    11.  Will food be provided with Hospitality?
    12.  Will all the team members be given accommodation at the same place
    We will try for that, if they come together than chances of getting rooms at same places are high.
    13.  What about security and medical facilities?
    For any security related issues, there is a security office at the Main Gate of the campus. For medical facility, there is a hospital near Gulmohar Building inside the campus. There is a 24 hour Chemist shop outside the Main Gate as well.
    14.  Where will the accommodation be provided?
    For Boys - Outside the institute (Around 6 km away)
    For Girls - Inside the campus

    For furthur queries

    Contact Us

    Dimpal Rathore


    (For girls)

    Lalit Prakash


    (For boys)

    Hospitality-FAQ | AZeotropy 2017