The phenomenon of turbulence has caused a lot of dilemmas to scientists and engineers alike. The conversion of turbulent flow to laminar flow has several applications in the industry, and is thus of vital importance. So bearing that in mind, AZeotropy 2017 presents Laminaire, a model making competition which aims at generating perfect laminar flow from a flow input with a nozzle at its heart. Partcipiate and bedazzle onlookers with a flow jet that does not splash on hitting the ground!

Prize Money: 25,000

Kaushik Nagaraj


Construct a flow nozzle which can produce a laminar jet output. The judging parameters would be the consistency of laminar flow, model parameters, and range. The more optimized the model, better the chances of winning.

Registrations and abstracts will be accepted till 5th February 2017, 11:59 PM
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